The president’s message


Let’s enjoy the beautiful season that is upon us

Summer is upon us with its sunny days and heat. Let           everyone take the opportunity to do outdoor activities, take care of gardens and flower beds, take trips, meet families and friends.                                                                     It’s season that passes so quickly that you have to appreciate each moment spent alone or in pleasant company.

Speaking of activity, I remind you of the date of the congress Saturday August 17, 2024 at the St-Pierre Community Center in Drummondville. A visit to the Photography Museum and presentations are planned on the program. We will take this opportunity to highlight the Bilodeaus who stood out during their careers, as well as the winners of the Généa-Histoire et Famille competition. There will also be tributes to the nominees for the Bilodeau of the year and to the Cercle des Grands Bilodeau. A notice for the annual general meeting has been given to you by the involvement of Info-Billau.



Flags with the Coat of Arms of the Association, measuring 24 x 36 inches, are very popular. We have placed a second order, they are available for $55 plus postage. They can be installed on your property and promote our association.



You are invited to visit our website and our Facebook page, new information is added regularly.

Remember that for the proper functioning of any organization, the recruitment and renewal of its management office requires the involvement of dedicated people. If you are interested in getting involved or becoming a collaborator, contact us.

Renewal and recruitment are the basis of our organization. I invite you to inform your family members of the many services that the Association can offer, publications, genealogies, meetings, family histories and promotional articles, etc. The members of the Board of Directors have made it a priority to produce and offer you these services in order to maintain ties with you, dear members of the Association des Bilodeau.

The planned trip to our French cousins ​​has been postponed to 2025: a travel program is in preparation. The planning of this trip was entrusted to a committee, as well as our accomplice, Danièle Billaudeau from France.

We wish everyone in BILODEAU a HAPPY HOLIDAY!                                                        SAVE THE DATE FOR AUGUST 17, 2024                                                                             for the Bilodeau CONGRESS in Drummondville.

An invitation to register will be sent to you in the summer!

“For the pleasure of meeting and talking.” Happy summer|


Gilles Bilodeau, President                                                                                                                  Branch II, Jean to Jean
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