Word from our President

Photo de la présidente de l'association

«Knowing our history and the name of our ancestors adds roots to ours.»

The Bilodeau Association incorporated in the year 2000 has as a goal to honour the memory of the couple who fonded the first Bilodeau family in America consisting of Jacques Billaudeau and of Geneviève Longchamp.

Since its inception the Association endeavours its role to develop the sense of pride of belonging to the great Bilodeau family and to facilitate meetings of its members.

The Association maintains relations with the Billaudeau Association of France, focuses on the common inheritance of the Billaudeaux of Louisiana and elsewhere. Our members come from Quebec, Canada, United States and of France.

Billau Info and our magazine the Billaudiere highlight families and the feats of arms which are part of the past and present history of the Bilodeau families. In addition, you are informed on the various publications and activities of the association.

Just like the example of the founder Jacques Bilodeau we continue our efforts and our commitment to promote and to transmit the love of history, specifically that of our ancestors. We wish that this downtime enriches you with the history of Jacques Billaudeau and Geneviève Longchamp while promoting historical and genealogical research on these pioneers and their descendants who today bear the surname Bilodeau. Good visit!

The president
Jocelyne Bilodeau St-Cyr,
Branche II, Jean à Jean