What is your "branch"?

First a bit of an explanation of the meaning of these "Branches" in the presentation of our Bilodeau genealogy,

The idea is to be able to render a bit more concrete the position each Bilodeau has in comparison to other Bilodeau's on the Bilodeau's genelogy family tree.

Therefore, we have taken as a starting point our ancestor's (Jacques) three sons who had children, Jean, Antoine, and Simon.

Then, we assigned branches to Jean's five children who had descendants, each branch being numbered from I to V combined with Christian name of the child. Example : Branch I, Marie-Anne of Jean.

Afterwards, we did the same with Antoine's seven children, branches VI to XII, and also Simon's five children, branches XIII to XVii. With this system, we want to globally include all descendants of Jacques and Geneviève without distinction.

Branches numbering

By the Genealogy committee

The genealogy committee has taken a look at the branches. We used the respected the rule of firstborn, what we mean is that we proceeded according to their birthdate not their marriage date Also we included all Jacques and Geneviève descendants. We proceeded by giving a branch numberto all grandchildren of Jacques and Geneviève who had children and that independant of the factthat they had descendants or not until today, because it was impossible to prove in certain caseswhether there where descendants for certain branches. We used the customized rule that existsin certain Quebec regions to identify persons, for example: Joseph of Louis of Arthur, thereforewe will better know who our ancestors where.Le Comité de généalogie s’est penché sur la numérotation des branches.

We invite you to find your branch by looking at the following list.

Your branch ?

Number of branch Name of branch Known persons
I Marie-Anne of Jean
II Jean of Jean
III Gabriel à Jean
IV Jacques of Jean
V Élisabeth of Jean
VI Antoine à Antoine
VII François of Antoine
VIII Jacques of Antoine
IX Élisabeth of Antoine
X Françoise of Antoine
XI Gabriel of Antoine
XII Geneviève of Antoine
XIII Anne of Antoine
XIV Marie-Élisabeth à Simon
XV Angélique of Simon
XVI Marie-Françoise of Simon
XVII Marie-Hélène of Simon
XVIII Marie-Agnès of Simon