Our coat of arms

Armoiries de l'association

Audace et fidélité

D'azur fascé ondé d'argent, au billot d'or sur le tout.
Supports: Mélusine à dextre regardant vers le nouveau continent.
À Senestre Mélusine allaitant son enfant, tournée vers le Poitou natal.
Cimier: une oie sauvage prenant son envol sur un tortil d'azur et d'or.
Terrasse: des entrelacs de blé et de vigne.


The block of wood evokes the seas crossed, the stump, the new land that our ancestors had to break, the stump and water constitutes talking weapons for the patronym Billaudeau/Bilodeau.

You can also see in the crown a recall of the motto: the ocean's water evokes boldness, the block of wood or stump evokes the fidelity to traditions.

Mélusine recalls the native Poitou, one of the figures symbolises the spirit of adventure, the other the spirit of the family.

Wheat evokes generations of ancestors constituted mainly of farmers and wine makers, Orleans Island (originally called Bacchus Island) was the cradle of Bilodeau's in America.

Wild goose, by its migrations, is the perfect link between the different paths of the east and west and north and south of the Billaudeau/Bilodeau families.


This coat of arms was realized by Thierry Gilabert of the Société Héraldique Pictave at Parthenay, France, it was born on the initiative of l'Association de Famille Billaudeau (France). It is the fruit of a long and narrow cooperation between that Association and l'Association des Bilodeau (Québec).

It was financed equally by the two Associations, who officially adopted it at their general assemblies, on July 2nd 2000 for France and on September 2nd 2000 for Quebec. Deposited at l'Institut Héraldique Pictave, this new coat of arms will appear in the 2000 edition of Grand Armorial Poitevin.

It is the exclusive property of the two Associations who have deposited it at : l'Association de Famille Billaudeau (France) and l'Association des Bilodeau (Québec). If other associations similar to these ones desire adopting it, they are welcome, as long as they respect the conditions.