Jacques Billaudeau Our Ancestor


Jacques Billaudeau was born around 1632, son of Pierre Billaudeau and Jeanne Fleurie, originating from the Poitiers diocese, in Poitou, France

Jacques Billaudeau or Bilodeau weds in Quebec City, on October 28th 1654, Geneviève Longchamp or Deslongchamps, born around 1639, daughter of Pierre Longchamp and Marie Desanter or Desantes. Between the year of their mariage and 1664, at least six children where born to this couple.

On April 2nd 1656, Charles de Lauson concedes fourteen concessions in l'Île d'Orléans. They are awarded to : Robert Gagnon, Jacques Billaudeau, Simon Lereau, Louis Côté, Guillaume Baucher, dit Morency, Jacques Perrot, Pierre Loignon, Charles (Claude) Michel and François Guyon, René Mezeray, Pierre Nolin, Guillaume Landry and Maurice Arrivé.

The residence that Jacques Billaudeau occupies in that period is the last one to the west. This dwelling has a frontage of four arpents, on the river side, facing the limits of Château-Richer and Sainte-Anne's parishes, with a depth of seventy-two arpents.

The 1667 census states that Jacques Billaudeau is 35 years old and Geneviève Longchamp 28 years old, with their six children. They have six cattles and twenty-five arpents in assets.

Geneviève Longchamps (Pierre & Marie Desantes)

d'origine inconnue; 29 ans au recensement de 1666; 28 ans au recensement de 1667; 42 ans au recensement de 1681

      Naissance : vers 1637
      Décès: 27 et sépulture : 28-03-1718 à St-François I.O. (88 ans)



born December 24th 1656, burial August 27th 1713 in Montréal, Québec.


born 1656 - 1658 (Recens.1666, 1667) was living in 1667


born January 1st 1658, burial September 3rd 1699 in St-François, Î.O.QC.


born 1660, deceased November 30th 1732 in Î.O.QC.


born May 1st 1662, deceased November 26th 1742 in St-François, Î.O.QC.


born 1664 (2 years old in 1666): burial January 6th 1685 in Ste-Famille Î.O.QC.


born 1665 (10 months in 1666); deceased in 1667.

On July 18th 1677, our ancestor is in Quebec City, at the "parloir du monastère de l'Hôtel-Dieu de la miséricorde de Jésus". His son Jean accompanies him, he was 19 years old. He and his brother Antoine will be attributed a piece of land "in l'île de St-Laurent formerly called Orléans" having frontage on the river with a width of three arpents, and a depth reaching the center of the island.

Nearly four years later, on February 27 1681, Jacques Billaudeau acquires another piece of land of a frontage of 3 arpents, in the neibourghing seigneurie of Saint-François de Sales d'Argentenay, on the south side of the river, between his son's property and that of his former servant Claude Lefebvre.

In 1681, Jacques is now 50 years old and his wife 42. The family owns a gun, 30 cattles and now exploits 40 arpents of land.

The founder of the Bilodeau families has a mild sin : he likes to hunt and fish. This distracts him from the chores of the farm and breaking new ground, that he gives willingly to his domestics. This gives him a small revenue greatly appreciated.

His son Jean Bilodeau was born in Ste-Famille around 1658 and he weds in 1682, Élisabeth Lehoux, who dies a few months later. Jean weds afterward on November 20 1684, Marie Jahan, dit Laviolette, born in 1667, daughter of Jacques Jahan and Marie Ferra. This family lives in St-François and have four sons and 3 daughters, their son Jean weds in 1716, Marie Turgeon.

Their son, Pierre Bilodeau, baptised on November 15 1724, weds in 1750, at l'Île aux Coudres, Gertrude Pedneau, baptised July 22nd 1733, daughter of Pierre-Étienne Pedneau and Gertrude Bouchard.

It is in Saint-François that our ancestors Jacques Billaudeau and Geneviève Longchamp are buried.